About us

Welcome to Stand Around Creations.com. We invite You to explore and discover what many of our customers have found to be an extraordinary line of "All Natural" top quality home fragrance products. Our collections are designed to invoke the spirit of the season as well as many wonderful and unexpected aroma's. Capturing the essence of so many memories and pleasurable times while filling the room with a luminosity and a fragrance characteristic that speaks to Your unique preference. Each creation is a special blend of herbs and essential oils, passing strict prerequisite's before earning their rightful place in our collection.

In 2011 Stand Around Creations began creating candles and home fragrance products for friends, family and neighbors utilizing in part, recycled wine bottles in handmade copper stands. Our objective was two-fold. To create "All Natural" products that were an unexpected delight in both their lofty aroma and in their unique presentation. Creating "All Natural" products was no small endeavor.  This meant omitting dye's, chemical based wax products, most wick types and fragrances not extracted from essential oils. Much trial and error was afforded each creation as we worked to perfect just the right recipe for every product and fragrance type. Recycled wine bottles seemed to fit right in to the unique presentation scenario and customers loved them.  We had achieved success.  We Thought!                                                                                                                                


Time constraints won the debate as production time was unable to keep-up with requests in a timely manor. The result, we no longer offer these truly unique (wine bottle) creations that marked our beginning. We have retained our special fragrance recipes and they remain the hallmark of our "All Natural" product collections.

The Company name that described the "stand around creations" also continues.

"Stand Around Creations" currently sends out over 20,000 pounds of product a year and growing. We feel truly fortunate to have such a loyal following of customers that say so many great things about our products. We trust You will enjoy their same experience.


All businesses must profit if they wish to remain in business. However, for Stand Around Creations there is no better reward than customers who compliment our products and services through their correspondence, referrals and repeat business.  Please email standaroundcreations@gmail.com Your questions, comments or suggestions when ever You would like. Your input helps us make a better experience for all customers. 

Thanks to You, in five short years Stand Around Creations offers over 114 fragrances in six separate categories, totaling over 2,400 "All Natural" product choices. You will find our products on several different selling channels however, be assured that Your best savings will always be: via this website. Create an account, so that login's, order history and quick check-outs will streamline Your buying experience. Amazon-Pay, Apple-Pay and Pay-Pal buttons have been added so that all of Your stored information is at Your finger tips during check-out. No more fumbling for the right card and filling out lengthy shipping information. Just click and watch the mailbox or the delivery man bring Your expected items to Your door. 

New choices are continually added, so look for whats new when You shop. "Fragrance-of-the-month" is determined by the number of orders for that specific fragrance, in a given period. Holiday promotions, discounts and free shipping are frequently offered. Your satisfaction will always be the motivating force behind each product creation that leaves our facility. Sometimes a gift-of-Love comes electronically. Here's a Great idea! Our gift cards are the perfect way to send Your Love to that special person. Offered in several denominations. The gift of choice that is ready when You are. 


Our sincere thanks go out to our Customers who make this site possible and to our U.S. farmers who produce the finest naturally grown soy bean crops available, allowing our products to be 100% "All Natural" and proudly MADE in the U.S.A.