Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy Stand Around Creations soy wax candles?

Our soy wax products are made with 100% "All Natural" soy wax unlike typical soy candles, bragging "soy wax". There are huge differences in waxes. Some contain a percentage of soy wax, others are formulated blends claiming the soy wax label. Once You have burned one of our candles, You will instantly know You have something much different than You have ever had before. They are quite unique and are derived exclusively from the soy bean crop. They contain no petroleum distillates or other harmful chemicals that leading manufactures use to create their candle products. Additionally, they out burn the competition, many times over. Burning from the top to the bottom!

Crops are produced by United States's a great way to support our farmers and get the best product for the money. Insist on 100% "All Natural" Stand Around Creations Candles. They are, simply the best!

How long should I burn my soy candle?

We suggest a three hour usage. However it is up to the individual. CAUTION Never leave a burning candle unattended! Remember to always keep Your wick trimmed to 1/4-inch for best results.

How long should my soy candle burn?

This of course varies with location (indoor/outdoor) wind/no wind, ceiling fans, wick length and several other factors. Typically You can expect 10-hours/ounce however we see variance of as much as twice that long in some cases. It is safe to say that it will burn much longer than most any candle You have had before. It's amazing!

I spilled my soy candle when moving it about. What is the best clean-up method?

Your in luck! Soy wax cleans up with soap and water. Just wipe-up with a warm soapy cloth, and that's it. Your done.

My candle was melted upon arrival, what a mess - now what?

This occasionally happens in warm climates and can not be avoided where soy wax is concerned. We suggest a few minutes in the refrigerator to solidify the soy wax then a little clean-up and You will be ready to go. If melted and hardened at an angle, place in a countertop oven at the very lowest temperature (150-F.) to level the wax, (Plastic containers should never be placed in the oven for any reason) then turn the oven off, open the door and allow to cool/harden before removing. A hair drier at the proper distance (not too hot!) will work for (plastic containers) wax melts. Please watch for Your product order to help avoid time spent in warmer areas or hot mail receptacles and do not transport in a hot car or a trunk. Low melting points for Soy wax is an unfortunate drawback to a otherwise superior product.  Temperatures are outside of everyones control. Because of this, we caution You to refrain from ordering if the temperatures and or transport conditions between NC and Your state will possibly rise above (120 degree F.) soy wax melting points. This will be Your responsibility! We are unable to honor, refund or replace candle products that have been melted, for any reason. (Melted wax is not a damaged product). We will happily fill any order however we will not refund/replace any melted wax product, for any reason. Perhaps the temperatures require that You order Your candle/wax product in (<80F.) cooler weather. We leave this decision to You our valued customer with the aforementioned understanding.

Wax & candle products melt @120 degree F. (remember radiant load (the sun) makes temperatures 30-40-degrees F. higher than the ambient temperature)

Thank You for Your understanding.

Can I return my candle or air-freshener for credit or exchange?

Not typically. Please be advised our Home fragrance products are not shelved or warehoused. They are handmade to order, specifically for You, one at a time. We cannot resell an opened product. Not even if it is completely full. Once the seal is broken it becomes trash. (This is to protect the integrity of our product & consequently our customers). If Your home fragrance product is damaged or defective (does not include melted) in any way, we will refund Your purchase after receipt of the returned product/s. If Your product is verified 'lost in transit' we will replace it promptly at no cost to You. Product returns must first be approved. If required, send us a message explaining the reason for return and we will provide You with return instructions. (see our return policy) Remember, products must be in original condition (un-opened). If returning product, please package Your items as well as they were packaged when You received them. If returns are damaged, (by carrier or otherwise) they cannot be resold and therefore cannot be credited. We do not wish to disappoint You so Please package carefully. Once received we will inspect the product and process a refund less the initial shipping costs. (Please allow up to 5-business days following receipt of returned items, for credit)

Please accept our apologies with the understanding that we dislike our return policy as much as You do. If refunds were allowed for un-liked fragrances, Etc. Your product cost would more than double. We wish to keep our valued customer expenses, as low as possible. Thank You for Your understanding.

Why are Your candles not offered in colors?

Dyes are aesthetically pleasing however unhealthy, as they contain many chemicals, some are cancer causing. We strive to have completely "All Natural" products. By this we mean that no harm can come from the use of our products in any way. Breathe with confidence as we have made sure that our products will not adversely effect Your well being.

Do Your wicks contain any metals like zinc?

Never. Our wicks are "All Natural" 100% cotton. We use nothing less and consequently our candles have a steady, even, long lasting burn. You will need to keep them trimmed to 1/4-inch prior to each use for best results. A proper wick length will also assure no sooting.

My candle pops, cracks and spews creating black soot. Whats wrong?

Moisture is the worst enemy of soy wax. If You are burning Your candle outdoors be sure to cover the candle when extinguished. Rain or dew will ruin Your soy wax product. Unfortunately we can not be responsible for this so be sure to cover it when leaving it outside. Most of our candles are equipped with lids.

Why doesn't my air-freshener smell like the fragrance I ordered?

We hear this one often, as it happens from time to time. Air-fresheners must be shook with vigor a time or two prior to each use. The specific gravity of the various ingredients allows settling to take place quickly. We make a point to label the bottle multiple times "SHAKE WELL EACH USE" however it frequently gets overlooked in spite of these efforts. These air-fresheners are very potent and will last a surprisingly long time. Just remember..."SHAKE WELL" before each use.

My Air-freshener doesn't seem as potent as another fragrance I ordered.

Each fragrance has it's own unique (essential oil) properties. Some floral fragrances (Honeysuckle Jasmine, Gardenia, Etc.) are extremely potent while others (Amaretto Nog, Amazing Grace, Etc.) have light aroma's by comparison. This is the fragrance world. There will always be differences is aroma potency between fragrances. Also, no two noses perceive aroma's the same. As You read descriptions and try out products You will learn which ingredients make for potent aroma's and which do not.

Can I return or exchange my air-freshener or fragrance oil?

Only if the seals are un-broken. Once the product has been opened it is subject to our return policy. Please note: Our Home fragrance products are not shelved or warehoused. They are handmade to order, specifically for You, one at a time. We cannot resell an opened product. Thank You for Your understanding. If returns are accepted You will be responsible for return shipping plus a 20% restocking fee. The initial shipping cost will also be lost and not refunded. There are exceptions to all things (such as damage or lost shipments) however please choose Your fragrances very carefully! 

I received my product and it was damaged. What can I do?

This very rarely happens however, if You discover a damaged product, ( note: a melted product is not a damaged product) please contact us within 48-hours and make us aware of the situation. Typically a product return accompanied by 3 or 4 good pictures will be required for our claim with the shipping carrier. We will of course replace Your product/s at no cost as quickly as we procure the needed information required for our carrier claim. (see also: My candle was melted in FAQs)

I provided an incorrect address for shipment; can I change the ship to info?

If You are able to advise us of the mistake prior to a tracking number being created we will happily change it for You. We ship quickly so let us know as soon as possible to avoid delays & additional shipping charges. Shipping charges are paid to others and are therefore not recoupable or reimbursable. Once it's's gone. We suggest You create an account, so all of Your information is saved. Not only does it make a faster check-out but it helps (create an account) avoid mistakes and allows for a quick reorder.

What are essential oils; Are they different from fragrance oils

Essential Oils are natural concentrated essences derived from plants, bark, roots, seeds, stems, flowers, leaves, fruits, etc. and are usually distilled via: steam.

Fragrance Oils are frequently made from a number of synthetic imitations of essential oils that create a fragrance that will smell like a flower, herb, plant or other fragrance.

Stand Around Creations uses only highly concentrated all natural fragrances and essential oils.

Fragrance Descriptions 

Please understand our fragrance descriptions have been created to give You a basic understanding of how an aroma may be interpreted. This is not a definitive description as everyones nose tends to discern aroma's differently. Additionally, depending on fragrance, one type can be a strong aroma while another might be a light aroma. Because of this, we make no warranty or guarantee that You or Your customers will concur with our fragrance descriptions. Click here for a compiled list of descriptions of our current offerings.

Do You offer free samples of Your fragrances

We are pleased to offer free samples of our fragrance products. Most of our orders contain a free sample (fragrance-of-the-month) regardless of the amount You spend. A tea-light sample when candles are ordered or a wax-melt sample when wax-melts  are ordered. If You would prefer to select Your free sample with Your order of $25.00 or more, please include Your preferences in a note within the shopping cart. We will gladly include Your selected sample in Your order. Spend $65.00 or more and we will provide two (fragranced felt samples) upon request. If purchasing air-fresheners or fragrance oils, You may also specify samples. We hope to soon have bookmark samples (scratch & sniff) with graphics and descriptions. These will be sold in sets for a nominal fee.

Remember, samples must be sent with Your order, so leave us a note at check out.

Can Your fragrance oils be used on the skin

Our fragrance oils are highly concentrated and may not be used on skin directly. An amount of up to 3% can be mixed safely with lotions or other oils for skin applications.

If using as beard oil, You will find one to two drops sufficient and it is advised to use sparingly, so not to over power.

Is there a shelf life on Your fragranced products 

As a rule products should remain sealed and out of direct light. A one year shelf life can be expected under those conditions. Much, much longer for some than others however, any of our products will endure at least one year.


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